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MyPCSecurity.ca is all about assisting you in securing your computing environment. You can get help in the forums about everything from spyware removal to network security. Thank you for visiting our site and please visit often because the content is updated daily!

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How Much Google Knows About You     With more and more people searching online and storing information,
how much does Google and other search engines really know about you?

Take a look at this infographic by Safe Choice Security to find out
just how much information does Google know about you.
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Identifying Hoaxes and Urban Legends
ImageIdentifying Hoaxes and Urban Legends
Source: US-CERT Cyber Security Tips
How to limit your personal data in online directories
ImageHelp control the amount of personal information about you in online directories and other people finders.
Source: Microsoft - Security At Home
Home office security checklist: Help safeguard your business when you work from home
ImageGet computer security tips for your home office, your small business, or the work laptop that you use at home.
Source: Microsoft - Security At Home
Comparative tests of antivirus programs
ImageVirus.gr tested quite a few different software companies to see how they would stack up against each other. How did the 147,000+ virus test pan out? Here are the results...
Source: Virus.gr
Your Firewall: How Does It Work?
ImageThe term firewall may not be new to you, but if asked why you need it and exactly how it works, very few of us will be able to provide an accurate answer. A firewall protects your computer and the fil...
Source: GoArticles
Defending Cell Phones and PDAs Against Attack
ImageDefending Cell Phones and PDAs Against Attack
Source: US-CERT Cyber Security Tips
Understanding Hidden Threats: Corrupted Software Files
ImageUnderstanding Hidden Threats: Corrupted Software Files
Source: US-CERT Cyber Security Tips
Dealing with Cyberbullies
ImageDealing with Cyberbullies
Source: US-CERT Cyber Security Tips
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Internet Threat Level
Internet Security Systems - AlertCon(TM)
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What type of firewall are you using at home?
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