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Improve Helpdesk Efficiency With Helpdesk Software

Organizations whether large or small handling frequent customer requests need a robust customer service system to ensure the application is received, analyzed and responded to on time; this provides clients are happier. For organizations with a weak help desk system, the communication channel is chaotic and in most cases client requests are never attended to whenever the need arise hence customers shift allegiance. There is a need for every organization to set up efficient helpdesk remote support software to handle client needs efficiently and within the shortest time that is practical.


How Canadians Can Recycle Their Computers

It has been estimated that Canadians place over 270,000 tons of electronic waste into landfills annually. This can present a huge problem for the environment. DVD players, cell phones and all type of computers contain toxic chemicals. This includes such environmentally harmful substances as cadmium, lead, mercury and more. There are computer recycling programs available to help Canadians dispose of their computers and other electronics devices in an environmentally responsible way.


Common ID Badge Accessories

ID badges, name tags, and ID cards are used to enable staff and visitors in a company to identify one another effortlessly. These tools provide identification details that allow security personnel to tell whether entry is authorized for someone in restricted or potentially hazardous areas. Badge and identity card accessories help to display the badges and cards in numerous ways. The accessories are fitted with additional features to improve safety and convenience of the cards. Some of the accessories may include ID badge lanyards, ID badge holders, ID badge reels, clips, and pins.


Why Reporting and Filing Security Guard Incidents by Paper Is Not Always a Good Idea

Although most security companies have transitioned to incident reporting software, many small outfits and in-house departments still use traditional document-based procedures. With that in mind, let’s consider some of the problems that a paper-based incident management system can have.


Why Companies Are Integrating Onboarding into IT Management

In-house IT departments are getting larger and more complex, and even organizations that specialize in a domain well outside information technology have to focus on this area as a cost of doing business. When we think of IT monitoring software, we tend to think of making software and hardware systems more efficient and productive, but we can take a similar approach to human resources as well.


Top Surprising Benefits of Indoor Navigation

We often hear how indoor navigation will help shoppers and travelers navigate busy malls or airports. But this technology has several surprising uses beyond helping individuals find your next deal or plane. Here are some interesting benefits indoor positioning will bring to the table.


Why You Need A Dash Cam

The world is an unpredictable place. It is possible to experience a life altering event at the snap of a finger. As humans, our rationality permits us to take the necessary precaution that will garner the safest outcome for our decisions. Unfortunately, there are times when no amount of preparation can protect us from an accident. Luckily, it is possible to invest in a dash cam in order to capture any mishap without any added work. If your job or hobby includes video, dash camera will certainly expand your creativity.


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