As a businessman, you may have realized that only one constant remains in the business world, and that is that there is always change, change is inevitable and unavoidable in the business field. Over the years, this change has been accelerating forcing businesses to change as well and adjust to the new ways that things are done. From data center management, block chain and IoT to artificial intelligence, to the new digital technologies, you realize just how the digital business world has transformed over the years. And as a businessman, you should expect this growth to continue even through 2018 hence more IT solutions for companies and businesses.

You cannot ignore the trend as a businessman, lest you be left behind in your field of business. A study done by Havard Business School in 2016 showed that the businesses that embraced this new digital technology transformation saw an average growth of up to 55% in their gross margins, and all this was possible over a three year period. Some of the top five trends you need to be aware of as a business have been explained below.

  1. Internet of Things as an engine of digital technology growth

As of now, there are up to 8.4 billion devices connected by the internet in the world. Intel predicted up to 200 billion devices would be connected by the year 2020, which looks to be a possible fete to achieve seeing how things are going with technology advancements. Technologies like 5G, edge computing, and even advanced analytics are all technologies that make the Internet of Things work. Currently, there is a huge amount of data that are flooding the internet world that you, as a businessman, need to take advantage of. Effective infrastructure managemnt of this data is also important. Work on your business analytics systems and try the best you can to capture and make sense of all the data that your business records, and create actionable insights on these collected data.

  1. Increased emphasis on speed

There is a high competition for customers, skilled workers, and resources as well in this new information age, and it only grows greater as the years go on by. But as a businessman, you need to know that none of the basics of competition has changed over the years, you simply have to be the first person to land the best job if you want to be at the top and stay there. How does your data center network function? You only need to be faster at processing, and more intelligent and better ways of collecting and searching for information that you have determined will be relevant to your business’ growth.

  1. Blockchain bursts forth

When you look at the current market, you will notice that bitcoin values are currently at an all-time high. As a businessman, you need to be on your feet and take advantage of this new business venture of crypto-currency. This new tech is bound to attract a lot of attention, and you want to be in the middle of it all. You can also use blockchain on other products like wine, sneakers, and also digital identity authentication to name but a few of its uses.

  1. AI to the boardrooms

AI is still a new form of technology that most businesses may still fear integrating with their businesses fearing that their jobs may be taken from them by an army of robots. Well, as much as this may be a case for the future (not now), you can use this new technology to make a lot of profits for your business. You can integrate AI to work as chatbots to interact with your customers; this method has not yet proven to be very successful “yet.” In the areas that deal with analytics, marketing, and even robotics, you will want to integrate AI into your business.

  1. Implementing intelligent data management

Automation of Itops is currently the next big thing with the business market, and it works to implement smart and intelligent systems that will ensure things run more smoothly with your business. With managed hosting, things like upgrades and any other changes to your system will be automated by an intelligent system, thus preventing any possible human error that may occur.