ID badges, name tags, and ID cards are used to enable staff and visitors in a company to identify one another effortlessly. These tools provide identification details that allow security personnel to tell whether entry is authorized for someone in restricted or potentially hazardous areas. Badge and identity card accessories help to display the badges and cards in numerous ways. The accessories are fitted with additional features to improve safety and convenience of the cards. Some of the accessories may include ID badge lanyards, ID badge holders, ID badge reels, clips, and pins.

ID badge holders
ID badge holders are used to display, shelter, and safeguard identification cards. ID holders also enable people to attach their badges steadily to their clothing or lanyard. Badge users use simple metal or plastic clips to attach a badge to a shirt, pullover, blouse or any other top. Users may otherwise use badges with necklaces that go around the user’s neck for comfortable attachment. Holders often include clear plastic guards that protect the cards against corrosion and stains. Many badge holders are fitted with extra design features such as swiveling clips and stylish features to make them eye-catching.

ID badge reels
A badge reel is a tether loaded with spring. It looks similar to a button badge. Badge reels are used to avoid corrosion or loss of identity cards. ID badge reels provide access control to ID cards hence their popularity among employees. Reels consist of a length of spring, clip, and a square or a circular reel. Badge reels are clipped to pockets, belt loops, edges of clothing, and attachment precisely for badge reel tethering.

Lanyards are cords worn around the user’s neck, wrist or shoulders. They carry items such as keys and identity cards. Lanyards are used to carry small electronic devices like cameras, USB drives, and music players to prevent loss and damage. ID card lanyards offer a visible way to display identification cards. Cards designed to take lanyards must have a hole drilled on the edge of the card’s frame. The lanyard must then have a loop on its end. The loop is tied to the card’s hole with a simple knot.

With the rising demand for customized and user specific badges, an online badge maker can provide an excellent platform to make personal identity cards, press passes, name tags and any other kind of badges. Areas where top security procedures are applied, identification documents are stressed upon before entry. Card accessories are, therefore, commonly used to display identity cards around such areas.