It has been estimated that Canadians place over 270,000 tons of electronic waste into landfills annually. This can present a huge problem for the environment. DVD players, cell phones and all type of computers contain toxic chemicals. This includes such environmentally harmful substances as cadmium, lead, mercury and more. There are computer recycling programs available to help Canadians dispose of their computers and other electronics devices in an environmentally responsible way.

Recycling Package
Many computer manufacturers provide their customers with a recycling program. In many cases, a person can participate in these programs once they’ve paid an environmental fee. This happens when a person purchases the computer. There are some computer manufacturers such as Dell that offer free recycling programs. Apple lets its customers recycle their old computers as well as monitors by buying a recycling package. It includes the shipping of materials. This is done with Metech, which is an online partner of Apple. Once a Canadian is ready to recycle their computer, they’ll receive a package in the mail. The next step is to arrange a time for Metech to pick up their used computer.

Donate Used Computer
There are a number of organizations in Canada that are able to make good use of old computers that work well. Residents of Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton or Calgary, can contact a non-profit organization called Electronic Recycling Association. They will collect all types of computer hardware for donations as well as to recyle computers. The Electronic Recycling Association also has pick-up services as well as drop-off depots.

Recycling Programs
Canadians can also check with for municipal or provincial electronic recycling programs. In Alberta, the Alberta Recycling Management Authority provides over 179 collection sites around the province for residents to drop off their computers, computer equipment, and other electronics. Saskatchewan has the SWEEP program. It also provides deposit sites around the province designed for dropping off computers and other electronics for recycling. British Columbia and Ontario also have their own computer recycling programs. The Westmorland- Albert Solid Waste Corporation provides computer recycling for residents in New Brunswick’s Albert and Westmorland counties.

Electronic Cleanup Events
Many municipalities, as well as provinces, have regular electronic recycling roundup events. They are designed to gather computer hardware and other types of electronics for the purpose of recycling. Many private companies around Canada also hold such events from time to time. Many of these events are talked about on radio, Websites, newspapers and more.

Online Donations
Many Canadians have had success finding organizations that take computer donations for schools as well as recycle computers. Many of these organizations can be found on sites like kijiji, freecycle as well as craigslist. The artists communities also place ads on these online sites requesting old computers and others electronic devices for working on their art projects. You can visit Recycle Your Electronics for additional information and insights.