Secure hybrid cloud computing offers many benefits to the modern business setup. It allows the setting up of an essentially virtual office that gives you the flexibility needed for connecting to your business anytime, anywhere. Now with enhanced DDoS protection, better IT disaster recovery and an ever expanding list of devices that are web-enabled, access to your business data is easier.

There are many business benefits that come with adopting cloud computing:

1. Flexibility of Work Practices

Cloud computing facilitates employee flexibility in terms of work practices. You have, for example, the ability of accessing data when on holiday, from home, or as you commute from and to work. If data is needed when you are off-site, it is easy to connect via your virtual office, easily and quickly. The cloud environment gives you the ability to share and communicate more easily outside what the traditional methods allow, giving your business more leverage.

2. Backup& Security

Backup via hybrid cloud hosting saves time, avoids the need to contract 3rd party experts and reduces your expenses. Cloud backups also reduce the size of your data centers. With secure hybrid cloud, you will avoid the need to have all your users installing the necessary software on to their individual systems as well as the need to have the software updated as it develops. Cloud software updates automatically. In addition, with cloud managed hosting, DDoS protection and IT disaster recovery is easier to manage compared to the traditional methods.

3. Flexible Costs

Compared to the standard methods, the costs of cloud computing are not only lower but much more flexible. By lowering your software expense, numbers of servers, and the IT personnel, you will be significantly reducing business IT costs without triggering any negatively effect on your IT capabilities.

Your business will only needs to contract professional web hosting services like Drupal when and as per your requirements. If more capacity is needed during peak business times, the web hosting services can provide it and then when you no longer need it, the service can be de-provisioned. With traditional computing, you will have to buy more capacity for your peak times and then have it sitting idle during the off-peak business season.

4. Managed Hosting & Scalability

Your organization can easily scale up or scale down your storage or operation needs quickly in response to your situation, giving you more flexibility when your needs shift. Instead of buying and having to install expensive upgrades yourself, web hosting services, for example, Drupal, do that for you, effectively freeing up your time so that IT staff can concentrate on supporting your core business function. There are more useful resources available at Carbon60 Networks.

While the motivation behind adoption varies, businesses and industries of all sizes, and geographies are increasingly turning to cloud services. As companies address their security, DDoS protection and compliance concerns through extending their data policies in the cloud, they can take advantage of the numerous benefits offered by cloud technology.